How to use njinni12 forums?

28 Sep 2017


Once you have registered with us at you can create a thread, comment on a thread and like or dislike a comment. We use users comments and likes and dislikes to give other users pointers to where the most active or controversial conversations are!

To comment all you do is make sure your logged in and click post on the comment button below the text box.

Once you have clicked post your comment will be viewable by other njinni12 users. 

You can then add to the thread you have started or post on other threads or click on the thumbs up and thumbs down to show whether you agree with a statement or disagree. You can only do this once per comment.

You can also post reviews on particular guides such as the one below on how mining equipment has changed and hashing algorithms have evolved.

You can also review various products and give them a rating with a number of stars of 1-5 to help other users with which products to use - see our guide on how to review on


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